לדף העזרה בעברית, לחצו כאן.

Ma'agarim features the corpus of Hebrew texts of the Historical Dictionary Project of the Academy of the Hebrew Language.

You can learn more about the Academy of the Hebrew Language's unique textual database, and it's special features in this presentation.

The usage of the Ma'agarim website is demonstrated in this series of video tutorials. Note that it is highly recommended to watch the videos in high definition (720p) and in a 'full screen' mode, and that there is an option to display subtitles, in both English and Hebrew. The settings can be found at the toolbar at the bottom of the video.

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 Table of Contents:

General Overview: Ma'agarim's structure and search capabilities
Simple Searches: word, free text, root
Text Citations
Filtering the Text Corpus
Viewing the Texts
Advanced Searches I
Advanced Searches II
Features for Registered Users (registration is free)